Bangkok yarn/fiber shop – Phrom Phong

In the midst of this COVID-19 chaos, I took the leap of faith and visited Bangkok. It is the first time in 5 years since I visited Bangkok. 5 years ago, I was not into yarn and yarn shop hopping never crossed my mind as shopping for clothes was a priority. It was not untilContinue reading “Bangkok yarn/fiber shop – Phrom Phong”

4 days crochet – Psychedelic Shrubs shawl pattern

Psychedelic Shrubs Shawl came from the idea where I wanted to showcase my hand dyed yarn in contrasting colors using crochet. Seeing how there’s limited designs done with hand dyed yarn, I decided to make one shawl myself with my own yarn. I’ve done a fair bit of shawls with 4-ply gradient yarn or scheepjesContinue reading “4 days crochet – Psychedelic Shrubs shawl pattern”

Number of skeins of yarn to buy and the project you can knit

HAND DYED YARN Ever looked at hand dyed yarn and drool over the prettiness of it? The way the colors are painted over the luscious wool, the small halo that entices you, and the squishiness that makes you go ‘awwwww’. Then you are look at them and wonder how many you should buy. What’s aContinue reading “Number of skeins of yarn to buy and the project you can knit”

Quick project with Daiso yarn – Bee in the Garden Pouch pattern

It’s another slow day at work it’s February and my interns are leaving. I’ve been feeling a little bit guilty about not giving them Christmas present and also since it’s been awhile I last crochet, I thought why not take this chance to do something for them. They were girls and I thought maybe somethingContinue reading “Quick project with Daiso yarn – Bee in the Garden Pouch pattern”

Japan crochet hooks comparison: Clover Amour/Amure vs Clover soft touch vs Tulip Pink Etimo vs Daiso crochet hooks

Every crocheter will always look for the best hooks that suits their palm. There are many brands out there, but which hook is really the best? I have the chance to purchase Clover’s Amour/Amure and Soft Touch, and Tulip’s Pink Etimo on Amazon prime in Singapore. I thought why not do a comparison since JapaneseContinue reading “Japan crochet hooks comparison: Clover Amour/Amure vs Clover soft touch vs Tulip Pink Etimo vs Daiso crochet hooks”

Furls Streamline vs Handmade Wood vs Clover Amour Review

I received my hooks on Thursday and I tried on yarn for 2 days before I did a review. I ordered their limited edition pink ivory hook as well as rosewood streamline hook. Fyi, im a knife holder and I roll the hook between my thumb and index finger when I crochet. Grip comfort: BothContinue reading “Furls Streamline vs Handmade Wood vs Clover Amour Review”


November is the beginning of our wintery weather for many parts of the world. Meanwhile on sunny Singapore, it begins to pour. On days where I felt like travelling out of here to somewhere cold and far, I dream of Japan – a land I long to go. Then came a good news where I’llContinue reading “KNIT WINTER SCARF – ANOTHER WOOLLY SCARF PATTERN”

Yarnbombing SG River

Howdy! Last week I decided I needed to get out of my comfy zone to look for people who does crochet and knitting in Singapore. I’ve been thinking awhile now, how to reach these people, and I managed to meet One Maker Group and one of them introduced me to Mona and team. I reachedContinue reading “Yarnbombing SG River”

Basic Granny Square Pattern

One of the very basic granny square pattern available on the internet is this: It may look simple, but it does wonder if you join them together; Baby blanket, a crop top, dress, cushion cover, rug… During my basic crochet workshop held in university, I have covered this pattern and I will be providing patternsContinue reading “Basic Granny Square Pattern”

Novice guide: Matching yarn weight/size with the right hook/needle

One of the many things novice faces when trying to start a project is understanding how to buy the right yarn weight (or you may call it size). Coming from a country where we are very limited by resources and have to rely heavily on exports, Crocheting is a very underrated hobby and it isContinue reading “Novice guide: Matching yarn weight/size with the right hook/needle”